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Animal ID - 900085000597763
Weight: 437kgBreed: GudaliAnimal ID: 900085000597763Source: Livestock247 Feedlot Somewhere in Niger..
N296,344.00 Ex Tax: N296,344.00
Animal ID - 900085000597760
Animal ID - 900085000597760 Weight: 401kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597760Source: Livesto..
N298,594.00 Ex Tax: N298,594.00
Animal ID - 900085000597759
Weight: 413kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597759Source: Livestock247 Feedlot Somewhere in Niger..
N309,844.00 Ex Tax: N309,844.00
Animal ID - 900085000597690
Weight: 431kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597690Source: Livestock247 Feedlot Somewhere in Niger..
N329,545.00 Ex Tax: N329,545.00
Animal ID - 900085000597670
Animal ID - 900085000597670 Weight: 431kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597670Source: Livesto..
N264,844.00 Ex Tax: N264,844.00
Animal ID - 900085000597669
Animal ID - 900085000597669 Weight: 425kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597669Source: Livesto..
N339,901.00 Ex Tax: N339,901.00
Animal ID - 900085000597667
Animal ID - 900085000597667 Weight: 450kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597667Source: Livesto..
N292,420.00 Ex Tax: N292,420.00
Animal ID - 900085000597665
Animal ID - 900085000597665 Weight: 431kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597665Source: Livesto..
N285,670.00 Ex Tax: N285,670.00
Animal ID - 900085000597661
Weight: 417kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597661Source: Livestock247 Feedlot Somewhere in Niger..
N275,545.00 Ex Tax: N275,545.00
Animal ID - 900085000597659
Animal ID - 900085000597659 Weight: 425kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597659Source: Livesto..
N273,295.00 Ex Tax: N273,295.00
Animal ID - 900085000597657
Animal ID - 900085000597657 Weight: 407kgBreed: GudaliAnimal ID: 900085000597657Source: Livesto..
N276,904.00 Ex Tax: N276,904.00
Animal ID - 900085000597655
Weight: 431kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597655Source: Livestock247 Feedlot Somewhere in Niger..
N305,920.00 Ex Tax: N305,920.00
Animal ID - 900085000597652
Animal ID - 900085000597652 Weight: 431kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597652Source: Livesto..
N292,420.00 Ex Tax: N292,420.00
Animal ID - 900085000597651
Weight: 395kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597651Source: Livestock247 Feedlot Somewhere in Niger..
N287,344.00 Ex Tax: N287,344.00
Animal ID - 900085000597639
Weight: 450kgBreed: Red BororoAnimal ID: 900085000597639Source: Livestock247 Feedlot Somewhere in N..
N298,595.00 Ex Tax: N298,595.00
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