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Animal ID - 900085000597752
Animal ID - 900085000597752 Weight: 365kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597752Source: Livesto..
N291,836.00 Ex Tax: N291,836.00
Animal ID - 900085000597663
Animal ID - 900085000597663 Weight: 365kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597663Source: Livesto..
N248,165.00 Ex Tax: N248,165.00
Animal ID - 900085000597660
Animal ID - 900085000597660 Weight: 395kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597660Source: Livesto..
N253,165.00 Ex Tax: N253,165.00
Animal ID - 900085000597656
Animal ID - 900085000597656 Weight: 377kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597656Source: Livesto..
N265,654.00 Ex Tax: N265,654.00
Animal ID - 900085000597650
Animal ID - 900085000597650 Weight: 365kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597650Source: Livesto..
N264,165.00 Ex Tax: N264,165.00
Animal ID - 900085000597642
Weight: 389kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597642Source: Livestock247 Feedlot Somewhere in Niger..
N278,344.00 Ex Tax: N278,344.00
Animal ID – 900085000597733
Animal ID – 900085000597733 Weight: 359kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597733Source: Livesto..
N349,867.00 Ex Tax: N349,867.00
Animal ID - 900085000597958
Weight: 385kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597958Source: Livestock247 Feedlot Somewhere in Niger..
N282,609.00 Ex Tax: N282,609.00
Animal ID - 900085000597966
Animal ID - 900085000597966 Weight: 359kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597966Source: Livesto..
N278,992.00 Ex Tax: N278,992.00
Animal ID - 900085000597952
Weight: 618kgBreed: GudaliAnimal ID: 900085000597952Source: Livestock247 Feedlot Somewhere in Nigeri..
N482,625.00 Ex Tax: N482,625.00
Animal ID - 900085000597771
Animal ID - 900085000597771 Weight: 407kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597771Source: Livesto..
N344,719.00 Ex Tax: N344,719.00
Animal ID - 900085000597770
Weight: 383kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597770Source: Livestock247 Feedlot Somewhere in Niger..
N259,220.00 Ex Tax: N259,220.00
Animal ID - 900085000597769
Weight: 457kgBreed: GudaliAnimal ID: 900085000597759Source: Livestock247 Feedlot Somewhere in Nigeri..
N300,844.00 Ex Tax: N300,844.00
Animal ID - 900085000597766
Animal ID - 900085000597766 Weight: 407kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597766Source: Livesto..
N301,969.00 Ex Tax: N301,969.00
Animal ID - 900085000597764
Weight: 395kgBreed: BunajiAnimal ID: 900085000597764Source: Livestock247 Feedlot Somewhere in Niger..
N286,219.00 Ex Tax: N286,219.00
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